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Open to itself on a Rambler a mail box e-mail free of charge, and take all advantages of free e-mail

Mail on in many respects is similar to the competitors though the quantity of users gradually loses other new and progressive free email services which start to win the market of domestic mail. Basically they do not offer especially innovative opportunities, though the basic functions work up to the mark and do not cause censures.
  • the Free mail box to create on a Rambler very simply:

Let's list the basic opportunities of an electronic mail box on
  • Free opening of a mail box
  • Having registered in email service of a Rambler, you receive a personal mail box in the size up to 100 Mb and can work with e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet;
  • an automatic filtration and processing of entering messages;
  • reception of notices on new messages on a pager;
  • ample opportunities of adjustment of filters of entering messages allow to use a mail box on a server of service Rambler-mail in the most responsible a situation;
  • you can use email service of a Rambler as through the Web-interface (from a window of your browser), and by means of a usual mailing program;
  • In version 2.0 additional opportunities are realized, for example, there was an opportunity of management of folders and creations of the user email filters;
  • But version 2.0 does not support a part of the services accessible in old mail: a calendar, bookmarks, a directory (it is supported only partially), a chat;
  • Free email service " - email service", versions 2.0 differs from the previous version the raised reliability and in the speed of job.

Adjustment POP3/SMTP of mail ww. Rambler. ru

How correctly to adjust mailing programs Outlook Expres, TheBat! On reception of mail from e-mail on

As a rule, adjustment of the email client at users does not cause special problems when on a computer the qualitative Internet access (without various proxies for example) works.
Server of entering messages (Incoming mail server):
Server of proceeding messages (Outgoing Mail Server):

In more detail about adjustment of mail look on an official site:
For an example we shall give an example adjustments for Outlock Expres:
Adjustment Microsoft Outlock Expless.

1. In the menu "Service" choose "Accounts".
2. In a dialog box " Accounts on the Internet " press the button [To add].
3. Choose "Mail" to begin job " the Master of connection to the Internet ".
3.1. Enter yours " the Name and the Surname ", these data will be substituted in the column "Sender" at creation of the letter.
Press [Further].
3.2. Enter your e-mail address, for example .
Press [Further]
3.3. In line the Server of entering messages enter . In line the Server of proceeding messages enter
Press [Further]
3.4. Enter the name registered in service Rambler-mail, for example, vasya and your password .
Press [Further] and It [is ready].
4. Enter into a dialog box Accounts of the Internet, having chosen in the menu Service item Accounts.
5. On a bookmark Mail choose just the created account and press [Properties] to open a corresponding dialog box.
6. On a bookmark Servers in the field of the Server of proceeding messages mark with a tick item Authentication of the user . Press [Adjustment] and be convinced, that in a dialog box the Server of proceeding messages is marked by a tick item As on a server of entering messages .

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