Free mail one of leaders among servers of free mail which also has set of other interesting services, for example love@., news, a horoscope, a chat, a photo and others

Mail @MAIL.RU - One of the oldest servers of free mail in runet, therefore the most known and popular mail server in the postSoviet space of the Internet.

Except for the most known domain @mail. ru also offers to registration some other email domains: @bk. ru , @inbox. ru , @list. ru (earlier it there were separate projects, but subsequently has redeemed at owners)

The list of opportunities enough big also speaks about the serious attitude to the job of developers of a resource:
  • the agent - the program of check of new mail on a server;
  • unlimited volume of a box;
  • the maximal size of the letter 10Mb;
  • the convenient web-interface;
  • the editor of HTML-letters;
  • protection against viruses and a spam;
  • support of mailing programs;
  • a multipurpose directory;
  • the daily log for planning time;
  • spelling;
  • effective filters for mail;
  • the signature and an answering machine;
  • job with mail through WAP;
  • download mail from other servers;
  • adjustment of a name of the sender;
  • adjustment of a level of safety;
  • acknowledgement of perusal of the letter;
  • the translator for texts of letters;
  • notices on new mail.

At a set of the address of a site it is necessary to remember, how the word mail - e-mail is written and it is necessary to write correctly instead of as on this address there is a site which has no attitude to a mail. ru.
  • Create the free mail box on a mail. ru:

As service very popular and one of the best the majority of beautiful and short addresses of mail is natural is already borrowed, therefore it is necessary to think out something artful or long, for example,,,,,,, It is possible to add also figures of year of a birth,,,,,, dima_86@m, or current year:,,, At desire it is possible to think up something more artfully, or - well and that that is not clear, but it is original :-)

To crack a box on it is possible only selection of the password or guessing of a confidential question, however to make it difficultly enough, and what for when it is possible to make to itself a new box absolutely free of charge :-)

Adjustment POP3/SMTP of mail mail. ru

How to adjust a mailing program an Outlook (Outlook Express) or bat on

To look examples of adjustment of programs an Outlook and thebat it is possible on page " Adjustment The bat! " and " Adjustment Outlook Express ".

your electronic address (a name of a mail box or e-mail address) : the full name of a mail box including a badge and the domain (for example,,,, or

the Server incoming mail (POP3-server) : POP. , where - the domain of your mail box (for a mail box - , - , - , - ).

the Server outcoming mail (SMTP-server) : SMTP. , where - the domain of your mail box (for a mail box - , - , - , - ).

the Login name on a POP-server : a name of a mail box without a badge and names of the domain (for a mail box - mailname, - listname, - bkname, - inboxname).

the Password : your password to a mail box,,, or

Port : POP3 - 110 , SMTP - 25 or 2525 .

In adjustments of a mailing program it is necessary to specify, that the server of outcoming mail (or server SMTP) demands authorization. At sending letters through our SMTP-server contents of field From: should coincide with a name of a mail box in which SMTP-authorization has been carried out: if in adjustments of a mailing program the mail box (, or this name of a mail box should be specified in floor From: is specified.

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