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The project " New mail " has been created to change representation about e-mail, to expand the general sense of value of concept "e-mail". But except for several services to show to users something valid unique and original at present the project cannot any more. However whereas the project was created at the beginning of development the Internet of community in the Russian segment of the Internet, he has already saved up considerable popularity among users of e-mail.

It is offered to new registered users while only four domains for creation of addresses of mail boxes: , , and . Already it is a lot of time for a site the phrase Количество domains of the second level which you can use thus hangs, will constantly increase. But meanwhile changes it is not visible.
  • To register a free mail box on
  • To pass to a site of " New mail ":

The basic features of free mail :
  • New mail " gives an opportunity to the users system of chats. The chat of a server New Mail is WWW-Chat , from other types of chats differs availability. To communicate, it is necessary to have only a browser supporting frames and JavaScript (for example, MSIE 4.0 and above). 24 hours per day here you can discuss any subjects with the interlocutors who are being on all globe;
  • Each registered user free of charge receives on a server " New mail " 32 Mb disk space which the user can independently allocate under mail and under a site with an opportunity of ftp-access. Abundantly clear, that for today is the best free hosting in Russia. Without comments;
  • It is necessary to use even one of services of " New mail " (a web-interface, POP3, IMAP, FTP) not less often than time in 50 days . After 47 days not uses of all services of " New mail " the user is notified on it by the letter on its electronic address on " New mail " and on its electronic address specified as contact at registration;
  • Standard scripts for a site: the Email form, Forums, Counters, Voting.

Adjustment of a mailing program (for example Outlook Express or The Bat!) on reception of mail with it is absolutely standard and does not cause questions. Key parameters necessary at adjustment:
Server of entering messages (POP3):
Server of proceeding messages (SMTP):
Any mailing program allows to specify in adjustments of POP3 address and SMTP servers. Through a POP3-server the program accepts mail, through a SMTP-server - sends. Specify in adjustments of your program a POP3-server

For access to a POP3-server as a login it is necessary to specify full e-mail the address, for example, (if you specify simply petya1234 at you it will not turn out to incorporate to a server!) and the password. As a SMTP-server specify . Access to a SMTP-server is carried out also with use of a login name and the password, the same, that are used for a POP3-server.
Include authorization on SMTP!!!

Detailed instructions on tune the email client on look on an official site:
  • Adjustment TheBat! on
* Adjustment of the email client Outlook Express on

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