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The most known in America email service in a network of sites as this free mail box is offered by the largest developer of programs Microsoft one of the first servers of free mail on the Internet, therefore he and to this day remains to the most known, certainly not without help Microsoft Network - Support of mail boxes on has been incorporated in program Outlook Express since the first versions, for the Outlook even the special report has been developed for reception of mail, in exchange POP3 developers have thought up the report which works through standard HTTP port 80, under name HTTPMail. It would seem, it should facilitate a life to Internet users who have access through a proxy, however, as quite often it turns out at a microsoftware, in Outlook Expres support NTLM of an authentication for ISA a proxy of own development has not been built in. Though certainly at special persistence it is possible to adjust mail. However, it appears that Outlook was working properly with the proxy authentication through NTLM, it is necessary that the system has been installed Microsoft's firewall, which actually works with a proxy server from Microsoft.

How to create free hotmail account on Yes, to find the link for registration of mail on hotmail on a site not so it is simple, as navigation there is strongly confused. Well though that registration on to mail is free. To receive the mail box in MSN it is necessary to register a new account in "passport" system
  • To be registered on - Sign up for a free MSN Hotmail account (unfortunately only in English).
Sign in to Hotmail free account can be both to the address of and on or login to hotmail inbox at - Hotmail is now "Windows Live Hotmail".

Adjustments of mail

How to adjust mail msn hotmail in Outlock Expres how to be connected at mail server Hotmail

As well as all programs of known company Microsoft, Outlook in a combination to mail it is a rattling mix of glitches and mistakes :-)

Follow following steps manually to adjust Outlook Express on use of a mail box
* Start Outlook Express , and pass in Service (Tools)-> Accounts (Accounts);
  • Further press the button To add -> Mail
  • In the opened window " Enter a name " (Display name) enter your name and press Further>
  • Enter the address of an electronic mail box (E-mail address) for example and press Further>
  • Choose HTTP in a floor the Server entering (incoming mail server). If Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) it is impossible to choose, you should by means of change regedit.exe in the register a key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOutlook Express with 0 on 1.
  • In a floor the Service provider choose Hotmail .
  • Be convinced that a field the Server of entering messages POP, IMAP or HTTP (Incoming mail (POP3), IMAP or HTTP server) it is equal, and press Further>
  • Further enter yours a login and the password from a box and adjustment Outlook basically is completed. Further can check up mail on

This sequence of adjustment approaches to following versions:
  • Microsoft Outlook Express 5.5
  • Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0
  • Microsoft Outlook Express 5.01 Service Pack 1/2
  • Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0
  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

In case of occurrence of any questions it is possible to look on-line the documentation on official site Microsoft only in English:

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