Since 2000 gives a hosting (hosting) with PHP free of charge, and the given hosting has an opportunity of paid services

The project renders services of a free hosting (free hosting), and at desire, have sat down suddenly your project will start to bring any income you basically can translate for an additional payment a hosting in the category paid, that reducing in that case to itself a headache at carry of a site on other hosting. However if you do not plan serious use of your site it is necessary to consider, that if the site is inactive some time, it will remove also you at all will not warn.

The given service of a free hosting of sites gives following parameters of a hosting:
  • 100 Mb places under a site
  • Free support CGI, PHP, SSI will allow to create a dynamical resource;
  • Web upload interface of files + Support FTP of access;
  • To place MP3, file archives, picture albums and all that can create very big traffic - it is forbidden;
  • Sites should be focused on Russian-speaking users;
  • the Domain of the third level in one of following zones: , , , ,
Paid services which can improve a set of given services considerably:
  • Registration of the domain - 20 $
  • Registration of the domain (.net, .org, .biz, .info) - 15 $
  • the Binding of your domain (etc.) to a site on a free hosting - 1 $ in a month
  • Inclusion MySQL of base - 2 $ in a month
  • Inclusion .htaccess - 1 $ in a month
  • Removal of advertising + a binding of the domain + .htaccess + MySQL - 5 $ in a month

Naturally, to tell, what is it the normal free hosting (free hosting), is complex, however, for qualitative sites with a useful Russian-speaking content very much can approach.
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