MENU without exaggeration the leader of a free hosting (free hosting) in Belarus

The Belarus portal is popular enough in the country, it is possible to tell they trailblazers in creation of free mail on the native land, and since 2000 service of free mail and a hosting (free hosting) typed the increasing and greater popularity not only on the native land but also in other CIS countries.

To receive in the using a free site, it is necessary to be registered as the user on a portal where except for a free mail box to you will allocate a place on a hard disk for accommodation of a free site which will work on following conditions and parameters of service:
  • 5 Mb disk space for a personal site;
  • the domain 3 levels of a kind:
  • Updating of a site under the report FTP (
  • Names of files on a site are sensitive to the register of letters
  • quantity of files no more 500 pieces
  • useful functions are not supported a DB, PHP, CGI, SSI, and many other things.
  • Without advertising , that should please at such parameters of given services.

Basically, such hosting represents simple a hosting of the decision for beginning users whom opportunities of dynamic sites are not required, and it is necessary to place only a homepage about itself liked.

To create a free hosting-account:

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