The free hosting www.SiteCity. Ru is intended generally for beginners

The free hosting (Free Hosting) based on patterns (Templates) represents system limited enough from the point of view of the programmer for creation of sites as much that you will not make, in fact the certain quantity of restrictions which in most cases prevent beginners in creation of sites from fulfilment of unpleasant mistakes is imposed. Nevertheless, qualitative patterns of sites and pages allow people absolutely not skilled to create quite decent sites, in fact their hand the system of patterns "operates" - therefore gross blunders will not make, and the site will work stably. Here on the basis of such patterns the free hosting SiteCity.Ru also works.

For not skilled a web-designers of a condition of accommodation quite suitable:
  • the Unlimited place for pages, photos of prices
  • It is impossible to spread on a site files .MP3, but it is possible .mid :)
  • there Is no FTP access, therefore a job only through a web the interface
  • to fill in files of not resolved types, it is possible to try to contact administration, can and will resolve
  • there Are various preestablished scripts, the Chat, a forum, guest, etc.
  • Hang up a banner on page
  • Register your site in the catalogue of sites, and about him learn all search engines runet.

In general, a hosting on not spoilt web designer, however, if you need to lay out only any information, and you absolutely have no time to understand with HTML, CSS and design you can quite use free (free) system of creation of sites

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