Disposable email addresses

The system gives so-called time or disposable email addresses of mail boxes

Recently for struggle against spamers start to type popularity email services giving free time mail boxes - e-mail addresses with which can use only during the short period of time that for example only to be registered on a suspicious site which asks to specify yours email the address which they basically then can sell to malicious spamers. It is natural, if at registration on such doubtful site you will specify your real personal email e-mail the address if he from them then will come into the hands of spamers most likely you hardly strongly will be delighted, more likely on the contrary. And so for such cases also there are similar services - having created a temporary e-mail the address you have to it access to current of the small period of time for this time makes 24 hours further such box is released also by it any visitor of the Internet can use, therefore it is not necessary to use this service on sites where to you important that nobody could use your account, in fact having created the temporary address which you used for example for registration at any forum, he can use at this forum function of restoration of the password and as at this time from the email address he receives letters instead of you he can take hold of your account at a forum, and further make a lot of bad from your name.

Also that the most interesting to use this service of time mail boxes it is not necessary to have any other mail box, in fact for job with mail the usual Internet a browser is used, and for reception of new letters it is not necessary to adjust Outlook Epress. To learn about occurrence of new letters in a box it is possible to use usual RSS.

So if you have decided to not leave the personal email address on suspicious sites we advise you to use this time email service:

  • To receive a temporary mail box:

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