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www.People. ru - one of the most popular services of granting of a free hosting (free hosting), giving wide to a set of services to the users, having thus enough the simple interface, therefore creation of a site on does not cause greater complexities in novice users of the Internet. The personal site on is considered any more absolutely fashionable as with it already you will surprise nobody, already very much many Internet users necessarily know all a known site people a point of ru.

The list of sites for certain already exceeds many tens thousand sites both small companies, and usual personal sites. The catalogue web sites on at desire can be found in a Yandex the catalogue - As a resource very popular hackers and unfair users try to take hold of an another's site on people. ru, and breaking of sites goes constantly so it is necessary to be very close at installation of unknown programs which can contain viruses which steal passwords of access to a site.

The basic opportunities of a hosting of People:
  • a name of a site:
  • a mail box
  • unlimited space for a site (the size of a site - 100 Mb at registration + an opportunity independently to increase the size of a site as required, the size of separate files - no more than 5 Mb, files of the greater size automatically leave)
  • Is more than 100 patterns for creation of pages
  • an opportunity to create page on own design
  • FTP -upload files on a server -
  • Unfortunately, scripts are not supported, but are available additional free services:
The guest book, Personal forum, chat, Communities, Interrogations and Questionnaires, the counter on pages, statistics of visitings of a site, the form for search on a site, indexation of a site by the search engine a Yandex

The project www.People. ru offers set of other additional services, chats yfhjl he, forums, games, acquaintances on people. ru and many other things!

* And you have created a site on Is not present? Then create it!:

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