The quite good free hosting is given by the provider of a paid hosting

Now among the companies, rendering services of a paid hosting (web hosting) it becomes fashionable" on the basis of the capacities for attraction of additional clients on the paid services to create additional free services, thus drawing of attention of a wide audience to the a hosting of the company. Certainly in many companies offering such free hosting, there are significant restrictions which do not allow to speak about mass character of granting of such hosting. Many speak, that will give a hosting only for interesting and popular resources, the some people limit productivity of sites that does not approach visited resources. A hosting , given by the company it is absolutely free, it is practically deprived these restrictions, and offers quite comprehensible conditions of granting a hosting of services.

Here the basic characteristics of parameters of a free hosting (free hosting):
  • 70 MB disk space, plus 20 MB under base MySQL (For interesting and visited projects the volume can be increased)
  • Unlimited traffic - under condition of observance of a following proportion: the entering traffic should be no more than one quarter from total amount of the passed data, and the foreign proceeding traffic from your site should be no more half from total amount of the proceeding traffic
  • Support of scripts PHP (Safe Mode) and SSI (.shtml)
  • the Site can contain WAP documents - approaches for WAP a site
  • At present a hosting without advertising
  • FTP access (a FTP-server: ; the Login name: yourname; the Password: yourpass)
  • It is impossible to use Socket's.

As a whole, comprehensible enough conditions, therefore we suggest you to receive a free hosting registration is not closed yet:

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