On a free hosting ww. offer tempting conditions free web a hosting with PHP and MySQL

Unlike the majority of services of a free hosting (free web hosting) which figuratively speaking " go to a gift " to services of e-mail where there are plainly no scripts, service www.Hut. ru it is a high-grade hosting (web hosting) where services which you could receive on a professional paid hosting are rendered almost all. Though certainly this type of free services it is possible to name more likely the Is conditional-free hosting as for use the hosting of a platform on your site in the top will be placed an advertising banner which will work instead of you on payment of a hosting.

Certainly in cases when it would be desirable to create project any interesting and necessary to people, but undertakings pass on own beginnings and money for a paid hosting is not present, it is possible to use services of the company given a hosting. In fact conditions of granting of services of a free hosting keep at a decent level:
  • unlimited disk space - an initial level - 100 Mb but if the project will be popular and is required to you of more place - to you it will add;
  • Standard in such cases a domain name of the third level a kind . And since recent time;
  • the domain of the second level - Can be bought by you separately and is connected to your site on a free hosting;
  • own cgi-scripts ( Perl ) and own PHP -scripts;
  • access to a DB MySQL for creation serious the Internet of resources;
  • Server Apache supports your files .htaccess ;
  • FTP access - allows to update pages of your site easily;
  • a shell-account - by means of report SSH (the protected version of the telnet-report) you can work with virtual a web-server as with the computer, to make copying, editing, removal of files, to adjust and carry out perl-scripts as though you sit at the console of our server;
  • instructions SSI - special SSI instructions will help to facilitate creation and an embodiment of structure of your site. You will collect it on a brick, as the designer;
  • and even access to a broad gully-files for gathering statistics of job of a site.

If you accept such very serious opportunities, and does not frighten presence of advertising on your site, be safely registered on a server of a free hosting free php mysql hosting

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