Qualitative free hosting with PHP and MySQL on beneficial terms

Known company AGAVA Software among the other services gives also a free hosting (free php mysql hosting) for your projects. Quality of a hosting at AGAVA at good enough level, about it is spoken with different responses of the web designers, using to the given company.
  • the Unlimited place. Reception of a place needs only a substantiation of its necessity. The main criterion of an estimation - good attendance of your site
  • Start of yours cgi scripts. SSI, Perl .
  • the Opportunity of use PHP4 .
  • Access to a database ( MySQL )
  • the Domain name of the third level . The index after the letter h grows with quantity of servers, therefore the figure gradually increases. In due course purchase of the domain of the second level is possible.
  • Access to server broad gullies.
  • FTP access to your virtual server.
  • As payment it is necessary to place a banner on pages of a site.
  • if on a site there were no calls in current of 30 days - the site leaves.

Except for some restrictions (for example impossibility of external connections from scripts) conditions very much even comprehensible, therefore the quantity of sites on the given free hosting constantly increases, that speaks for itself about quality of services.
Certainly, not all on a shower, however it is necessary to remember banners, that is free in sew lives almost anything is not present, and to put a small banner in payment of such good hosting very much even not badly.

Be registered, while there are empty seats on a server of a free hosting!
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