The free hosting offers free web hosting suitable far not to all.

Hosting the company as well as many companies offering paid services of a hosting of sites, owing to support of advertizers, offers services of a free hosting (free hosting). Conditions of granting of services it is impossible to name very good, but the some people can use them.

Here some characteristics of a free hosting:
  • 25MB of free web space one banner from above each page of a site is given in exchange for accommodation of a banner on your pages;
  • Restrictions on language of pages - To place on a hosting it is possible only sites in following languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Flemish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Catalan, Danish, Swedish or Finnish;
  • FortuneCity can limit access to a site from unsuccessful regions where there will be a raised "bad" activity of visitors, now there is no access from the following countries: Romania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan;
  • If the site is not active in current 90 site can is removed from a hosting;
  • It is impossible to place on a site a content " outside of the law " - the Porno, warez, cracks and, etc.;
  • It is impossible to do storehouse of files of the allocated place;
  • following types of files which can be loaded on a site Are accessible only, others will be automatically removed: arj, art, asc, asp, au, bas, bmp, c, class, css, cur, dat, doc, exe, fon, gif, htm, html, ico, inf, jar, java, jpe, jpeg, jpg, js, kar, map, mid, midi, pas, png, psd, rtf, sgm, sgml, shtml, snd, swf, tab, ttf, txt, url, vrml, wav, wml, wmls, wrl, xml, zip ;
  • the Maximal size of a file loaded on a site 1MB. For jpegs-1 MB, gif - 1MB and for HTML or Text - 0.5MB.
  • 3 Gb traffic;
  • Is FTP access.

If your site will satisfy to all conditions, forward, on registration:

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