Very quite good hosting has only one serious lack - At presence PHP there is no DB of type MySQL

Undoubtedly one of the most popular free hostings (free php/perl hostings) as according to service already now the quantity of placed sites exceeds 50 thousand. At all positive qualities afflicts absence of databases as available support PHP usually use together with databases of type MySQL without which stability of job of a site becomes less a little, and with programming it is more than complexities on the order. And by some things, the hosting periodically tests problems with loading as a server are not calculated on such quantity of sites :)

But certainly if necessary use of a hosting which supports scripts and does not insert the advertising, this variant all the same should be considered, in fact given parameters free a web of a site are normal enough for the average project:
  • the domain of the third level,,, and an opportunity to use the domain of the second/third level
  • 100 Mb a disk under your site will quite go for an average site without MP3 and photos
  • give 5 e-mail of addresses in a zone of your domain
  • Support CGI -scripts on Perl, PHP, C/C ++
  • the Opportunity of use SSI can it is useful in rare cases
  • support .htaccess and .htpasswd will help to make a site more conveniently to visitors
  • well and certainly FTP access to your site - an irreplaceable thing at generation doorways :) Parameters of access: Host:, Username: yourlogin, Password: ваш_пароль.
  • To use this free hosting for accommodation of a porno or other similar maintenance it is forbidden.

If you are not frightened with absence of a database try to be registered:

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