Enough simple a free hosting from a hosting of the company

As now it becomes possible among providers a hosting of services, for attraction of a lot of potential buyers of services of a paid hosting, a hosting-company offer a free hosting with strongly cut down opportunities. Such approach is very favourable, as at the beginning of the activity the company rents a server which at absence of clients stands idle, yields losses, and free users not strongly load it, but also help to involve real buyers, and it is possible quite and to remove these most free users :) Here and the company did not become exception offering services of a hosting free.

The hosting registered free is very strongly cut down in opportunities:
  • It is impossible to do sites-picture albums, sites from a porno, with warez, (and in general with music), it is impossible to do by illegal music from a site storehouse of the files - the site practically can consist only from HTML pages.
  • Following types of files CANNOT be loaded on a server: mp3, exe, zip, rm, ra, rar, mpeg, wma, wmv, pdf, tar, tar.gz
  • Files can be no more than 1 Mb
  • name a kind
  • Disk space (Disk Storage): 100 Mb
  • the Limit of the traffic in a month: 1200 Mb
  • the Daily limit of traffic: 40 Mb
  • there Is no support of email accounts
  • is FTP access
  • insert a banner on your pages
  • there is no support CGI - PHP, Perl, Python
  • is not present MySQL Database
  • At absence of activity of a site in current of 45 days a site delete

Here such here a free hosting, for beginners.
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