The free hosting from the Latvian company suggests to use the services and to create a site with PHP and MySQL

The free Latvian hosting (free web hosting) suggests to use a given free place for accommodation of personal pages, giving necessary for creation of a dynamic site parameters of a free hosting.

Conditions of granting of a free hosting in Latvia the following:
  • to not stir to job of a server - sites which overload a server - will be removed.
  • to not spoil another's sites - to Hackers here not a place.
  • It is necessary to establish on all pages a banner
  • to not stir to display of this banner.
  • It is impossible to store file archives.
  • to not do readdressing on other sites.
  • to not place the information which contradicts, to the Latvian and international legislation.
  • If the registered domain name in current 2 months is not used, it will be removed.
  • It is given 10 mb places
  • the site will have the domain of a kind
  • Support FTP : ftp a server
  • scripts PHP For PHP Are supported:
    • on some functions are closed;
    • instead of function mail () use function email (). Parameters almost same. In parameter from it is possible to specify only one address, maximal length of the letter of 10240 bytes, superfluous leaves. The error message is not deduced. Letters send time to 15 minutes;
    • .htaccess it is disconnected;
    • databases are accessible at additional expense.

Here such simple conditions. If they arrange you - Forward on registration:

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