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Your free email service one of the first free email services on the Russian Internet which probably because of wrong marketing politics not became very popular email service, therefore its development has as though stopped at the certain level. It is not known, whether there will be in the further owners of a resource (And-media Holding) to develop the project, but by a site, he did not change since 2000, and roughly speaking, offered conditions any more do not look such tempting. While the advanced services not only in a foreign segment of the Internet but also in Russian already offer the unlimited sizes of a mail box, offers all 10 Mb for mail! In additives, the size of an investment a maximum - 1024 kb , a maximum it is possible to attach 3 files. If the mail box was not checked more 182 days , he is destroyed also an account of the user erased.

Offered by service email domains:

If you all the same have decided to use services of the given server of free mail that you can
  • To register e-mail the address of a mail box:

Adjustment of a mail box in Outlook Express, The Bat! And other mailing programs it is not too complex, here all as is usual, it is necessary to specify some parameters only correctly:

the Login name - the Name which you entered during registration and a name which you enter on starting page. In case you were registered in the domain which is distinct from (for example, in, and . Item) to a login name it is necessary for you to add a domain name in which you were registered. For example, if yours a login name ivan and you were registered in the domain your login name at adjustment of the email client will be If you were registered in the basic domain e-mail a login name it will be simple ivan.

the Password - your password which you have specified during registration and use for access to system;

E-mail address (e-mail address) - the email address which you have received after registration;

the Address of a server of incoming mail ( POP3 ) - here you should specify a domain name in which you were registered, having added to it a prefix mail. For example,,

the Address of a server of outcoming mail ( SMTP ) - here you also should specify a domain name in which you were registered, having added to it a prefix mail. For example,,

Include the Authentication on SMTP : - If you use Outlook, on a bookmark of properties of servers put a tick " Authentication of the user ". If you use The Bat!, click on "Authorization" in section of adjustments SMTP and put a tick " To carry out SMTP authorization ".
That's all, mail can use.

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