The first in RuNet service a giving free hosting (free hosing) to the users - one of trailblazers of the Russian segment of the Internet regarding creation of service of granting to the users web a hosting of personal pages free of charge. In due time the server was very popular and practically had no competitors, therefore often because of a plenty of users of a server were inaccessible, as did not cope with loading. But time is not necessary on a place, and the technologies considerably raising productivity of systems are already accessible, therefore now problems usually do not arise, and the site on is accessible constantly.

As well as many trailblazers free hosting services of the private pages, the developments of the project of restriction established in the beginning and do not change very long time though technical opportunities already now allow to improve considerably service of a hosting, however owners of a resource do not hurry it to do for the unknown reasons because of what gradually interest of users to data free to service web a hosting falls.

The basic characteristics of a resource do not undergo serious restrictions from time immemorial:
  • Disk space of the whole 10 Mb ;
  • there Is no opportunity to use a hosting for creation a file-archive;
  • Practically there is no censorship on the placed information (Except for the legislation of the Russian Federation);
  • Absence of support of any scripts of type PHP and ASP, and naturally databases too are absent;
  • Some addresses for a created site: , , or .
  • the Opportunity of use of the Guest book, the counter of visitings;
  • the Designer of sites on a free hosting;

Certainly, for users a chat. ru authors of a resource create not simply opportunity to place a site free of charge, but to feel spirit the Internet of community, in fact services on a site are directed mostly on dialogue.

* Register to itself a hosting free of charge:

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