The hosting can place free of charge yours web a site, thus you can buy for a site the domain the second a level!

Service of granting of a free hosting (free web hosting) exists since 2001 and has already placed with itself on servers more than 200 thousand sites of various projects. Though the serious project certainly on such free server also you will not place, but already there is an opportunity for the domain to put simple page, not buying thus of a hosting.

Conditions of granting of services it is possible to tell quite pleasant:
  • the Free domain (free domain) the third level of a kind ;
  • the Opportunity to create sub-domains a kind
  • to connect to a site the domain (domain) in a zone com org net ru and all other zones, for this purpose it is necessary to specify the Opportunity at the domain of a NS-server and and in adjustments of an account to specify the external domain;
  • FTP -access to a site (
  • not limited disk space under a site ;
  • Support Server Side Includes ( SSI ) allows to add to a site of a few dynamism, not such certainly as at use PHP but it is already better than anything.
  • not so rigid restrictions on activity of the owner: If any of services is not used by the owner of an account during half a year - the account is closed and transferred to archive. If during half a year from the moment of closing access of the owner does not renew - the account and its domain are released for registration.
  • the Hosting absolutely without banners and advertising!

If you were not solved to use yet a free hosting, be simply registered and try to create the site:

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