In Azerbaijan too there is national free mail in the national domain .AZ

The free email service offers you not too much on our times, however if there is a desire to use mail box in zone .AZ that is necessary to suffer :)

Certainly, I am far from abusing free mail, in fact on that she and free, as they say, " to the Presented horse in a teeth... " But, all the same, in this case anything good tell about the given service I cannot.

  • the Mail box give a kind
  • the Size of a mail box: 3Mb
  • there Is an access to mail through WAP:
  • the Minus - your mail box will be closed, if you did not use it more 3 months (90 days)
  • Full absence of support POP3 / SMTP / IMAP, that basically crosses out all other pluss of this server (if them someone in general has seen :) Access only through a web-mail. The blessing the interface not strongly complex also can be mastered and the beginner.
  • At a web-interface there are some "Subjects" of registration that you could pick up to yourselves registration on taste
  • Absence though any information or documentation - was necessary to see all site to understand it. And without it much simply is not clear.
  • From pluss unless there is well translated Azerbaijan interface a web of mail.

In general, not strongly complex email service, however if all the same at you is desire to create to itself a mail box, be registered are quickly and simply:

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