MENU was the independent project earlier, but during the certain moment it has bought

Very much for a long time, at the beginning of development of the Russian Internet, there was such remarkable project which offered all users conditions of accommodation of the sites quite good the then on a free hosting (free web hosting). In due course the project grew and developed, offering more and more favourable conditions of accommodation of sites while during the certain moment in it have not become interested in one of the most largest projects of a Runet - @Mail. ru which have bought this project which has started to be called now on new - Mine сайт@Mail. ru , however quality of services remains at the same good level.

The basic characteristics of a hosting :
  • While only 50Mb disk space under your pages;
  • the Maximal size of a file 1,5 Mb ;
  • the Minus - advertising on pages of a site ;
  • there Is no support of server scripts and databases (PHP and MySQL is not present, alas);
  • Support FTP access (, the Login - a name of a site, well and the password);
  • Protection against use as online of archive of data (for example it is impossible to load there files of pictures and on the site to give only the link to the pictures laying on a free hosting);
  • On the site you can place files only the certain types - .htm, .html, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .ico, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .arj, .zip, .rar, .vb, .js, .css, .wav, .mid, .midi, .png, .swf, .jar, .java, .xsl, .xml, .class, .cnf, .btr, .lck, .inf ;
  • fast creation of pages on ready patterns;
  • an opportunity of editing of pages in a mode online;
  • an opportunity of use on the site of the guest book, voting, counters of visitings, and also other services
Basically at present developments of high technologies not strongly impress the given parameters of a free hosting, however they quite will approach beginning Internet users. Well and founders doorways do not disdain to use a freebie :-)
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