How to adjust the program the bat

Adjust BAT on reception of mail from your boxes on,, and from other mail servers. The help in adjustment.

Very popular program The Bat! It is pleasant to the increasing quantity of the people, using e-mail. Quite probably, that she would become the best and most widespread program - the email client if not that Thebat paid and not everyone wish to pay for its use some sum of money (downloading in emule networks Thebat crak, crek or serial)

After from a server of the developer of the program last version The Bat has been downloaded! 3.x Home or Proffesional (or for fans of olden time The BAT v1.6x), it is necessary to establish only it and to start simple adjustment of an account for each mail box. Adjustment of email client The Bat for clients of different email services (,, etc.) has no special differences except for various addresses of servers entering and outcoming letters for reports POP3/IMAP and SMTP.

Let's result brief Help on adjustment of mailing program The Bat 3 in conditions of presence of normal access in the Internet trouble-free with communication and needlessly to connect BAT through a proxy.
  • the First step - connection of a mail box (for example on We choose in the menu item "Box" -> choose item " To create a new box " (as program BAT can process unlimited quantity of mail boxes for each email address from which you wish to check mail, the same is necessary for doing most) and enter the name under which this box will show in the list of the registered mail boxes (most easier to give the same name as e-mail the address, to not get confused in them when them will be much) for example "". Press the button Further.
  • Fill a field " the Name and a surname ". Into a field "Address" enter the email address which you have received at registration ( Into a field "Organization" enter the name of your organization (not necessarily). Press the button Further.
  • Now it is necessary for you to specify email a server for entering and outcoming mail. Into a field " SMTP a server " enter SMTP address of a server of your provider of e-mail (to learn SMTP address of a server, address in a support service of your provider) for users it will be Into a field " POP3 a server " enter Press the button Further.
  • In a floor "Login name" specify the name for an input on mailserver which you have received at registration, in a floor "Password" - the password.
  • Further it is possible to familiarize with more detailed adjustments The Bat!, having chosen item "Yes".
For end of job with adjustments of mail choose "is not present" and "To finish".
On it connection email e-mail a box basically is finished.

It is necessary to note, that the given adjustments of the program not strongly vary from early versions of BAT as especially not to that was to vary - specifications of transfer protocols of mail do not vary, functions on adjustment of visual display of mail boxes and new letters, and as sorting of folders, a filtration of letters and other similar functions vary only. Therefore the given adjustments of program Bat are fair for many versions: 1.62, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and so on. How to adjust the program the bat it is possible to ask at friends, most likely they use to her, and have experience of correct adjustment.

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