The Bat! (bat or thebat)

The email client for reading e-mail of development

The Bat! or simply Bath (to not confuse to the tobacco company of bat - b.a.t - british american tobacco tabacco, tobaco or tabaco ) development one of the best email clients who is equipped almost by all necessary functions.
The given mailing program is offered in two versions: Home and Professional, differing in supported functions.
Supports bat set of functions: Dictionaries for spelling, the Multilingual interface, the Opportunity of a hardware Authentication on mail servers, Enciphering of email base, the Biometric Authentication (it is realized through Dekart BIO API), the Filter of electronic paper for recycling "BayesIt" (Other means of a filtration of electronic paper for recycling can be loaded from websites of foreign manufacturers), and the most important - Smilies! :)
Unique lack - he paid, it is free possible to use only 30 days. Though to find and download for the bat a medicine or bat crack on the Internet does not make problems.

Cкачать the bat

To download all necessary files and a Russifier the bat it is possible

To download on a official site a mailing program Bath < Thebat > and a Russifier it is possible here:
For russification it is necessary to download and establish < the Language module > after installation of the mailing program the bat.
In the same place it is possible to download some plug-ins for bat for struggle against the Internet-epidemic of a spam.

How to adjust The Bat!

Adjustment is simple and very clear

the Example of adjustment of a mailing program for (the original can be looked here: adjustment the bat).

For job with a mail server yandex (narod) you should adjust account (account). Start the program, choose in the menu "Box" (Accounts) item " To create a mail box ".

SMTP server:
POP3 server:
Username: your login
Password: your password

Do not forget to establish in adjustments of the program: the Box (Account) - Properties of a mail box (Properties) - Transport - Sending of mail (Send mail) - the Authentication (Autentication) - Authentication SMTP RFC2554 (Perform SMTP Autentication RFC2554).

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