The Bat! An antispam filters

Modules an antispam for The Bat will help you to reduce quantity of a spam in your mail box

The Bat! Has the built in opportunity for connection an antispam of modules for check of incoming mail for conformity with characteristics of a spam, thus TheBat! According to the module which changes from 0 up to 100, decides what to do with the received letter, and depending on adjustments or deletes a spam from a mail box or puts it in a special folder for it.

At present it is developed some antispam of plug-ins for The Bat!:
  • Bayes Filter Plugin from Achim Winkler absolutely free, allowing to filter almost 100 % of a spam from normal incoming letters.
  • an antispam filter BayesIt! from Alexey Vinogradova too a free spam the filter for The Bat!, training which it is possible to lower considerably quantity of a spam in your box.
  • plug-in AGAVA Spamprotexx for The Bat - powerful enough antispam the module, unfortunately paid which too it is necessary "to train" that he correctly defined a spam in a stream of incoming letters. However except for use as the connected spam-filter to BAT can be used and as the separate program working with all mailing programs.

The spam of protection not too is a lot of developed connected modules, however nobody forbids in this case for struggle against a spam to use external programs:
  • the Program program Anti Spam Filter development which filters your messages for advertising in email messages.
  • Antispam the filter SpamPal development offers too quite good conditions of struggle against advertising letters.
* Development of domestic programmers SPAMOED, optimized on job with Russian spam though and with foreign too consults not bad.

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