Bayes Filter Plugin

Antispam a plug-in for The Bat! Bayes Filter Plugin from Achim Winkler

Module Bayes Filter Plugin is a spam-filter connected to The Bat!. The algorithm of definition of a spam is based on statistics collected by means of the user, that is the module it is necessary "to train" what letters to consider as a spam and what - are not present. After the analysis of letters the module defines various features of letters - a spam which are characteristic for a spam of dispatches. All that it is necessary to specify some letters as a spam, and a little as not a spam to create the minimal database. The more you will use this filter of a spam, the there will be a database of features a spam of letters more, and that will filter better and more qualitatively a spam.
But it only one part of system of filtering and struggle against a spam. Other part is so-called white and black lists email addresses in which probably to use regular expressions. Third and last part of system on blocking a spam - automatic regular updating of public lists of DNS-addresses of the servers dispatching a spam, allowing to separate 100 % of a spam from your normal mail.

The basic features of the program
  • 4 various mechanisms of definition of a spam (bayes, the white -/black list, DNS-blacklist, regular expressions as in spamassassin)
  • high speed of job and practically 100 % frequency of definition of a spam
  • low requirements to memory and a hard disk
  • an opportunity of a cancelling of actions
  • regular expressions in sheets of white and black addresses
  • statistics of a spam

To download Bayes Filter Plugin it is possible from page of the developer:

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