Antispam filter SpamPal

SpamPal it is a universal antispam (antispam) the filter working with any mailing program, for example Outlook Express, The Bat!, Eudora, etc.

Spampal it is program very popular an antispam, absolutely free, allowing to clear your mail boxes of an annoying spam. Comrade James Farmer , for what to him the big human thanks has thought up and has developed such remarkable program!

The basic advantages of data a spam-filter:
  • Verification of your mail with freely distributed lists DNSBL (in another way " blocking lists ", to be exact " black lists " domain names of the Internet); the choice of a concrete set of lists remains for you. These lists contain names of the email retransmitters noticed in distribution of a spam.
  • the List of accessible services DNSBL is updated automatically so new lists DNSBL are used right after their occurrences!
  • it is very easy to work with the white and black lists which are very flexibly adjusted.
  • SpamPal supports job with several servers POP3 and IMAP4
  • there Is a support authentication APOP !
  • Works in it is curtailed in system tray a kind
  • Interface SpamPal supports some languages: English, German, French, Italian or Russian, therefore is not required Russifier SpamPal, only beta versions have no built in Russifier. Language gets out at installation of the program.
  • the label in a line of the Subject Is left. Except for formation of special heading, SpamPal can attribute to a subject of the letter of the spamer of the message a word " ∗∗SPAM∗∗ ".

For job with SpamPal the following is necessary:
  • the Computer working on the basis of Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 or XP .
  • the Mail box POP3 or IMAP4 .
  • the Standard email client Outlook , Outlook Express, The Bat! or Eudora.

To download Spampal (last version):
Concerning about program SpamPal it is possible to write on - a forum the developer. For Outlook Express , The Bat , etc. it is possible to peep adjustments SpamPal here:

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