To complain of SPAM

Have received the letter from the address of a kind ? Read further!

Recently cases of dispatch of a spam on behalf of our server where the sender subscribes as for example or to that similar nonsense have become frequent. Many addressees of dispatches of a spam indignantly scribble to us letters, write messages on ICQ and even separate copies call by phone!
And this all instead of once and for all clearing for itself a situation with a spam and whence he in general undertakes. Though certainly most easier to curse and shout at administration of a small site, than to understand subtleties of transfer of e-mail.

So why many victims of a spam ostensibly from "our" server consider, what the spam is dispatched them by us?... Correctly! Because letters are signed by obvious image of type:
From whom: " Saddam of husejn "
Certainly it is administration of a site it is guilty, time has given access to the bad user!

Actually all is much easier. " Saddam husejn " at us is not present naturally, any user, was not and never will be. Simply technology of transfer of mail is so imperfect, that at sending the letter in a floor "From" it is possible to specify absolutely any the address of mail, and the letter will naturally reach the addressee.

Try to specify in the mailing program in a floor from any address and to send the friends - here laughter will be. Or not up to laughter - as will carry.

That is that you can make all in that case - to uplift the prays to the Lord to the god, in disposal of an infernal spam as real levers against spamers while are not present. It is natural, that you receive all spam not from our mail server, and from "anonymous" computers with mail servers. Any check of the received letters with a spam confirms it.

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