Spam filters

Certainly it is possible to try to adjust a spam filters on a server or in a mailing program

But I think that the given methods are effective only some time, then methods of dispatch will be improved - and again on new to adjust. There are certainly services with daily updated bases of filters but why they are constantly updated? Correctly, because someone receives letters, which filters have passed. That is filters almost do not give anything. I think, that now there is only one real method to resist spam - to not give electronic address anywhere on the Internet. Or to get the left addresses on free mail servers, which are engaged in a filtration of a spam. Also Remember - the best protection against a spam - to be protected from popularity of your address to spamers!

the Antispam the Robot of AntiSpaR

the Program for filtrations of a spam under lists of white and black

addresses This program represents program Outlook add-in a spam-filter and an abuse-spam-reporter for job in structure of a mailing program MS Outlook.
On the basis of black and white lists the program filters incoming mail and if the letter is defined as spam the spam-report on "abuse@" and "administrator@" addresses of domains through which has passed the letter is generated, and then the original letter leaves. (Abuse@ addresses are under construction on the basis of syntactic analysis full headers letters.)

The Bat! Filter BayesIt!

the Antispamers filter BayesIt for the popular program TheBat! based on algorithm of Bayes

the Given filter is free however there is a necessity independently to train in its volume, what letters are a spam and what are not present. On the basis of training and accumulated statistics he further itself defines on the basis of the statistical calculations, what letter to mark as a spam. The filter is connected to the program TheBat! also starts only at reception of mail. To read through about data antispam the filter is more detailed: TheBat! An antispam filter BayesIt!

the Antispamer. To the SPAM - is not present!

the Project the Antispamer contains a plenty a spam-sheets with addresses of spamers

the Site contains set of the helpful information on a spam, about the reasons of occurrence of a spam, about methods of struggle against it, and also the greatest bases mail, e-mail, mail adresses, электоронной addresses of mail, email addresses, mail, a mail, a С-mail, a С-mail of those spamers which dispatch us the advertising letters, and this list collected by all enthusiasts and irreconcilable fighters for pure mail, is on a regular basis updated. And the list of addresses is absolutely legally collected:
As the author of these pages has no other sources of gathering of addresses except for the SPAM of letters and sites, links on which in these letters contain, to discuss legitimacy of accommodation of your address on this page - business беcсмысленное. All completely according to ch.4 st.29 Constitutions of the Russian Federation, and ch.1 item 27 of the Federal law from February, 16th, 1995 15-fz. Your address is taken from the open sources - your letters and sites. So threats and insults reserve for itself. Success!
The project the Antispamer :

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