Methods of protection against a spam

As to struggle with this evil spirits? Whether there Are methods of protection from a spam ? Struggle against a spam in operation.

Methods of struggle against a spam set. There is a set of various services a spam of protection on the Internet where to you can help to clean off your mail boxes from an annoying spam, but of them certainly it is necessary to pay for many (so to whom it favourably? :)
The quantity of various programs for struggle against a spam email is certainly impressive enough, but alas they not always give absolute result, more likely than ~95 %. Such programs can be established on your mail server, can will take root into your mailing program, or easier to check through pop3 your mail box and to delete spam far off.

the Spam protection antispam SPAMOED

the Program allowing to block a spam on a personal computer

Spamoed is ON for struggle against a spam, providing a filtration of mail. Main principles of job of the program consists that the program Spamoed can as to delete itself e-mail unnecessary the user, and together with TheBat , Outlook and other email clients; and also to work together with small (up to 50 mail boxes) mail servers.
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Antispam filter SpamPal

SpamPal is a universal antispam (antispam) the filter working with any mailing program, for example Outlook Express , The Bat! , Eudora , etc.

Spampal it is program very popular an anti-spam, absolutely free, allowing to clear your mail boxes of an annoying spam. The most important difference from other programs is a verification of your mail with freely distributed lists DNSBL (in another way " blocking lists ", to be exact " black lists " domain names of the Internet); the choice of a concrete set of lists remains for you. These lists contain names of the email retransmitters noticed in distribution of a spam.
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Anti Spam Filter from

the Antispam the filter Anti Spam Filter development of the company very powerful means of struggle against a spam

The given program of protection against a spam on the algorithm of job represents a certain lining - "filter" between a mailing program and a mail server. Therefore letters all over again get in the program the filter of a spam, and only if it is not defined as a spam, it gets in your folder Entering in Outlook Expres.
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