SMTP protocol. Adjustment of mail.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The simple Transfer protocol of Mail.

SMTP protocol represents the transfer protocol of mail from one site to another. Through SMTP mail is sent as well from usual users, but also by means of it transfer from one SMTP server to other server is possible. SMTP port to which the sender of e-mail is connected, it is usual 25 . In case of, when the server supports " safe mail " with enciphering (SMTP SSL), port or the same, or 465 .
The documentation on SMTP (RFC-821,-822) and description SMTP of the report it is possible to find on any server with the documentation, for example In detail and with the description smtp authorizations (an Authentication / auth)

Owing to report SMTP the spam falls in tons in our mail boxes. Exist anonymous opened smtp servers through which any can send any letters anywhere. These are so-called " open smtp relay " - intermediate servers which pass mail from one server to another. Owing to that such relay does not check the sender of mail that malefactors get access to dispatch of a spam in lots, and spamers are not lit, as senders in
Letters are registered as a rule left. Having received in hands the list smtp servers, spamers start to attack us day and night. Such dispatch SMTP of a spam can be stopped by application of fair filters like kaspersky smtp gateway, that represents the same intermediate server, but with check of passed mail on fidelity of data of the sender.

Programs - a proxy sometimes can filter also acting mail on the SPAM.
To download SMTP proxy it is possible here:

Adjustment on SMTP a server

For everyone smtp a server all is desirable to look the instruction on adjustment of the report individually

Already almost free email a server give free smtp access, therefore it is important to know, how it correctly to adjust.
Adjustment of a mailing program for reception of mail through POP3 from a mail server basically is very simple, correctly enough to specify in adjustments of the program only four parameters. Examples SMTP of adjustment:
The Mail server for incoming mail - for our mail server it
For JAndeks ( SMTP a server
For www mail ru SMTP the server will be
Yahoo Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - (port 25)
Google Gmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - (SSL enabled, port 465)
Hotmail SMTP does not support, how much I know, there in Outlook other report working through http instead of smtp the report is built in.
Type of connection either usual, or safe SSL connection.
The Port depends on type of connection, or 25 for usual and 465 for ciphered. Basically numbers of ports can vary, but it is rare, all depends on the provider of e-mail.
Authentication SMTP (RFC-2554) recently it is obligatory to include this parameter.
In the program Outlook Express this parameter is called Authentication of the user , there is she in adjustments of an account in the tab Servers , opposite to it it is necessary to include a tick. If at sending mail there is mistake Outlook:
It is not possible to send the message as the server has refused to accept address one of addressees. In the letter the address has been specified: ' '. A subject ' Messages from me ', the Account: ' Mail ', the Server: ' ', the Report: SMTP, the Answer of a server: ' 553 sorry, you have to authenticate first to be able to use this smtp server, please configure your mail client (outlook) to authenticate for outgoing mail server (#5.7.1) ', Port: 25, Protection (SSL): No, the Mistake of a server: 553, the Error code: 0x800CCC79
Means to you it is necessary it will be convinced, that in adjustments of a server of Incoming mail you have specified a login completely, instead of the name of your account is simple. That is, if at you account MainName on server Gawab that you need to specify as a login (Account) not only MainName and FULL e-mail the address - Then at sending letters of problems to arise should not.

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