Rules of participation

Rules of use of services

Rules of use of services

All the clients using should observe " Rules of use ", described in the present document. Payment of services by you means, that you have familiarized, have understood, have accepted and undertake to carry out all items of the given document.

Conditions of using service

Services of a hosting given can be used only in the lawful purposes. Use of service for activity breaking in any ways the legislation of the Russian Federation, the USA or any other jurisdiction which placed by you a web-resources can concern, strictly is forbidden. The forbidden activity include (but are not limited further listed):

  • mass dispatch of messages (spam), and also accommodation or distribution of materials for realization of the described activity of activity
  • realization of not authorized access to objects in a network the Internet or realization of actions of leaders to infringement of their working capacity, and also accommodation or distribution of materials for realization of the described activity
  • accommodation or distribution of materials with infringement of any copyrights
  • accommodation or distribution of a pornography and any materials of sexual character
  • accommodation or distribution of materials propagandizing violence or a racial discrimination
  • accommodation or distribution of materials with the purpose of swindle (in particular, creation of " financial pyramids ") have the right to suspend or remove any web-site, an account, a database or other component of a server, in case of its discrepancy to the present rules.

Conditions of use of system resources

It is forbidden:

  • To initiate any processes on a server, any of which borrows more 8Μα operative memory of system or more than 30 seconds of processor time, and also more than 5 % of all accessible system resources at any moment.
  • To place chats, a proxy or spiders.
  • To start on a server resident programs, demons or IRC-boats. reserves the right to itself to suspend any account in case he will unfairly overload computing resources of a server.

Restriction of the responsibility does not bear any responsibility for the every possible benefits missed by you and for any losses suffered as a result of malfunction or inaccessibility of your account, for any reasons, as that: on fault, on fault of ill-intentioned actions of the third parties, or because of a suspension of action of your account. does not bear the responsibility for safety of your given and email messages.

You undertake to protect from any responsibility - legal, administrative, moral - under every possible claims, penalties, damage, expenses, a legal cost caused by your actions at use of service

The Termination of granting of services reserves the right to itself to give up in granting services or to stop rendered services to any at own discretion. can give up in access to all services or a part of given services without the special notice if you break the present rules in their any part. reserves the right to itself to forbid to those publications or other materials which, in opinion, are unacceptable, undesirable or breaking the present rules. guarantees return prepaid, but not spent money resources paid for using by services (without taking into account the commission for translation and payment of registration of a domain name) if granting of services stops on not dependent on you to the reasons. If, in opinion, infringement of the present rules of you took place, return of means is not made.

You can refuse services at any time. In this case, return of the prepaid money resources also is not made. reserves the right to itself to change conditions of using service at any time, without the prior notification.
(At drawing up of rules materials from a site a hosting of the company have been used

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