Export of news in RSS

Export in RSS for reception of new materials in your aggregator

RSS is a way for owners a web-sites to inform all interested persons on the new content accessible on their sites. Recently many sites distribute a content in such a way, and their quantity constantly grows.
The programs, able to work with RSS, are called "aggregator", and they are very popular among the people daily reading lots of the information. Using aggregator you can read through quickly and conveniently publications of hundreds sites interesting you, simultaneously to watch occurrence of news on all sites at once and to read their summary, not visiting each site separately.
Some programs for reading news by means of RSS:
  • WhatsNew -
  • KlipFolio -
  • Syndirella -
  • FeedReader -

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Select RSS standart compatible with your aggregator

List of supported RSS formats:

RSS - RSS version 0.91

RDF - RSS version 1.0 (RDF)

RSS - RSS version 2.0

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