POP3 protocol. Adjustment of mail.

email Office Protocol - POP v.3 the protocol provides access of the site to a base mail server

POP3 mail the report represents protocol of access of the email client (pop3 client) to any mail server (pop3 server) which allows the client to download and delete letters from a server on a local computer of the client. POP3 port on a server to which the mailing program is connected, under the standard - 110 . In case of, when the server supports " safe mail " with enciphering (pop3 SSL), port or the same, or 995.
The documentation on POP3 (RFC-1939) and description POP3 of the report it is possible to find on any server with the documentation, for example

Unfortunately for users of bad and slow communication with the Internet, report POP3 does not support continuation of loading, therefore if it is necessary to receive letters of great volume breakage of communication at the loaded 95 % can cause serious nervous failure :)

In additives to everything, pop3 and proxy servers are incompatible, as the report does not provide dialogue with a mail server through a proxy a server, therefore programs of a proxy are constructed in such a manner that as a server of mail in the program of reception of mail, for example The Bat or Outlook it is necessary to specify the address of a proxy of a server if he is established locally or in a local area network, and on the proxy it is necessary to create an account at which specially to register the address of a real mail server from which this account will receive mail. That is in cases when it is necessary to receive mail through a proxy to which you do not have access for adjustment most likely anything from this it will not turn out. Programs - a proxy sometimes can filter also acting mail on the SPAM.
The example proxy POP3 and SMTP can be downloaded programs here:

Adjustment on POP3 a server

For everyone pop a server all is desirable to look the instruction on adjustment of the report individually

Already almost free email a server give free pop3 access, therefore it is important to know, how it correctly to adjust.
Adjustment of a mailing program for reception of mail through POP3 from a mail server basically is very simple, correctly enough to specify in adjustments of the program only six parameters. Examples POP3 of adjustment:
The Login - usually is specified with the full email address, and not just a name up to a dog in a ?-mail the address.
The Password - here all is clear, the main thing to not be mistaken in an allocation and the register of letters.
The Mail server for incoming mail - for our mail server it
For JAndeks ( POP3 a server
For mail ru POP3 the server will be
Yahoo Incoming Mail Server (POP3) - (port 110)
Google Gmail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) - (SSL enabled, port 995)
Hotmail pop3 does not support, how much I know, there in Outlook other report working through http instead of pop the report is built in.
Type of connection either usual, or safe SSL connection.
The Port depends on type of connection, or 110 for usual and 995 for ciphered. Basically numbers of ports can vary, but it is rare, all depends on the provider of e-mail.
The Authentication exists some kinds, but usually approaches "standard", this parameter is better for specifying at the provider of mail.

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