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How correctly to adjust email client Outlook Express 6.0 (and others). Adjustment of accounts in Outlook Express.

After the beginning user has learned to use the mail box located on servers of free mail a Yandex -, a mail. ru -, or, through a web-browser, he is asked by a question: " And whether it is possible to use a mail box through any special program to not climb each time in a browser? " Certainly it is possible! And it is natural, for this purpose even nothing needs to be downloaded, as such program is and is delivered together with operational system Windows (all versions 95/98/2000/XP), and is absolutely free, it is necessary to adjust it correctly only. Outluk Exress 5.0, 6.0 and other versions, allow Internet users to receive mail on a local computer from a server of e-mail by means of POP3/IMAP and SMTP reports, and also for users of email service by means of the special report HTTPMail based on HTTP connection. However the given report, called to replace out-of-date reports SMTP and POP3 (as they do not allow to work correctly through a proxy, you simply will not find such adjustments in the Outlook, they are not present) in practice do not give the necessary benefit as besides though connection with the Internet is used same as well as in an explorer, but developers have not found time to add support of an authentication on a proxy, in view of what at use of the domain of a network and a proxy of server ISA (and such configuration is used in the majority of establishments), he does not give access to the Internet, without an authentication on a proxy. It is possible to try to adjust mail through proxy a server by means of special programs of a SOCKS-proxy by the local machine, the blessing of programs on this subject on the Internet weight.

the Brief instruction on adjustment of program Outlock Express (step-by-step adjustment Outlook Express for reception and sendings of mail through service /
  • Basically all versions of the Outlook the Express train are similar on adjustment, strong distinctions is not noticed, therefore in our example we shall describe adjustment Outlook Express 6.0. Having entered into the top menu in "Service", we choose from an opening menu " Accounts... "
  • In the opened window is pressed "To add" and in opened sideways the menu it is chosen " Mail... "
  • the window of connection of a new account Opens, it is necessary to enter the name (the Entered name will be displayed in a floor " From: " for all sent electronic letters), we press button " Further "
  • In a following window " the E-mail address of the Internet " is entered the email address which you have registered on, or, and we press button " Further "
  • In a new window " Servers of e-mail " we choose type of the report of incoming mail (POP3) or IMAP (if the provider of mail supports it), we specify a name of a server of entering messages (for @mail. ru it and a server of proceeding messages (for @mail. ru it Basically adjustment for different boxes for different mail boxes of type, a Yandex -,,,,,, and sets of others differs only addresses of servers entering and outcoming letters which addresses always can be learned in section of the help on used service.
  • we Press "Further" and in the opened window of adjustment we enter a login name and the password
  • Basically adjustment of reception of mail in Outlook Express is considered completed (however completed it is possible to consider it only in a reference case when to the Internet normal on 100 % and it it is not required to search for access other ways of reception and sending of mail) For acceptance of e-mail from it will be enough.

In the given example of adjustment we do not consider adjustment outlook express c exchange as usually ordinary user does not have necessity to adjust it personally as exchange basically it is used at the serious enterprises and there always it is possible to find the administrator who to you will adjust all that is necessary without special problems.

There are also programs of " thin adjustment " mailing program outlook express, allowing to operate some functions of the program which are inaccessible to the usual user of the program.
For example program Outlook Express Tuner v1.0 -
The utility is intended for adjustment OutlookExpress 5.x and 6.x:
  • Inclusion/deenergizing SplashScreen.
  • the Task of heading of window OE (replacement of inscription Outlook Express).
  • the Task of a way to message store.
  • the Task of the address of a database of the Directory.
  • Import/export corrected for messages of mail and news, the filter of representations, signatures.
  • Removal of not shown dialogues and messages.

Thin adjustment by means of this program occurs quickly and without serious consequences enough.

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