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Email folders Outlook Express are intended for sorting your mail on types of letters that with mail it was convenient to work

Email folders on the sense represent the same folders, as well as catalogues with files on your hard disk, folders give opportunities to sort your mail on groups that it was possible to find is easier necessary letters in a plenty of e-mail in several your mail boxes.

Let's consider the list of folders in Outlook Expres which are present by default:
  • Entering (Inbox). In this folder there are again received letters and the correspondence come on your address. At desire you also can create in Outlook (2003/XP) personal folders for sorting incoming mail for example on different addressees or dispatches or different projects. OutlookExpress allows to adjust automatic sorting of incoming mail on personal folders. It is optimum possible to create folders Outlook on entering email messages for each account of e-mail.
  • Proceeding (Outbox). Sent letters are stored In this folder before sending that it was possible to not incorporate in case of modem connection to the Internet for sending each written letter, and all over again to write all letters for sending and having incorporated with the Internet to send all together.
  • Sent (Sent). A email folder for storage of outcoming documents which you can re-read at any time.
  • Removed (Trash). A folder for storage of the removed messages that they could be restored if you have removed the letter by mistake (algorithm of job it is similar to a basket in Windows XP).
  • Draft copies (Drafts). The folder for storage of the "not added" letters that in case of when it is necessary to leave urgently, then was not necessary to write the letter anew. For this purpose during a writing of the letter it is possible to press in the menu the File item To save. The saved letter is caused on editing by double click on the letter.

That in case of occurrence of mistakes in program Outlool Expless (for example a mistake of opening of personal folders, folders are duplicated, etc.) it was possible to restore even some letters, correct will periodically export personal folders Outlook (to make backup copies of folders) that then it was possible to import all folders of the Outlook and to lose less letters.

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