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How to restore bases of messages in Outlook Express ? To use special utilities like restore OE folder

Often, after reinstallation of operational system, or loading of updatings or installation service-PACK can arise mistakes in Outlook Express, leading that letters disappear and there are inaccessible saved up letters in base of messages the Outlook the Express train. Whereas frequently reinstallation of operational system can have cardinal character after which files of email databases it is natural in such cases to you any more can disappear all will not help any utility of restoration if you certainly providently have not made a backup copy of files of the messages having expansion .dbx for example inbox.dbx for a email folder Entering (Inbox). These files can be found on a disk having used search in an explorer.
Or it is possible to make easier, through the menu to choose the Menu-> "File"-> "Export" for export of messages to a separate file and according to the Menu-> "File"-> "Import" loading the saved messages in base of letters MS Outlok Express.

For restoration of mail in Outlook Expless use of the special utilities facilitating your life, the blessing now such huge quantity, and almost all from them paid is possible also has divorced though basically probably to find any medicine or кряк (crak) allowing illegally to use the necessary functions.

For an example we shall consider restoration of files in OutlookExpress by means of the utility under the name OE-Mail Recovery to read through in English about process repairing bases of messages by means of this program and also to download OE-Mail Recovery it is possible to the address of
If the list of messages in the Outlook the Express train at you empty, or the part of email messages has disappeared for the unknown reasons you need to restore folders of messages In Outlook .
1. Download and establish OE-Mail Recovery on the computer.
2. After start program OE-Mail Recovery itself will define where Outlook Express stores files of folders. The list of files of this folder will be displayed on the screen in the left panel. Names of files of folders will be same as names of folders in the Outlook. For example Входящие.dbx refers to a folder Entering . Given (post messages and news) and service information Outlook Express stores all in files with expansion .dbx.
3. Choose file Inbox.dbx in the left panel and start process of restoration. Speed of restoration depends on power of your computer.
4. If that is necessary is possible to save the message in the end of process of restoration of email messages (to a huge regret, it is accessible only in the registered version - search for a crack in a network :)
5. Further we save current files of folders OutlookXP in backup copies and it is deleted current.
6. We start the Outlook the Express train and we look a folder Entering. Outlool Expless the automatic device will create new file Входящие.dbx
7. Further it is simple from an explorer we move files of the necessary email messages at once in necessary folder Outlook Express

Restoration of an account in Outlook Express can be made similar image if carefully to study all adjustments of program MS OE.

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