MS Outlook Anti Spam

Microsoft Outlock the Antispam the program for a filtration of an entering spam under black and white lists of addresses

In our mail boxes and strives to fly the letter from any trading company, wishing to sell to us their supernecessary and very qualitative goods, and every day and firms and letters more increasing. To the users having the mail server on which the system is not established qualitative an antispam, it is compelled to filter a spam by means of a mailing program, in our case it Microsoft Outlook from structure of a package MS Office 2000 (with other versions, according to the author, the program was not tested).

The given program (Outlook add-in) is called the Antispam the Robot - AntiSpaR (last version at present - 1.03) and is written by Shapkin Michael , to download last version of AntiSpaR it is possible on its personal page:

This program represents a program spam-filter and an abuse-spam-reporter for MS Outlook.
On the basis of black and white lists the program filters incoming mail and if the letter is defined as spam the spam-репорт on "abuse@" and "administrator@" addresses of domains through which has passed the letter is generated, and then the original letter leaves. (Abuse@ addresses are under construction on the basis of syntactic analysis full headers letters.)

List of filtrations of a spam are conducted in the form of usual text files which can be edited any text editor. Lists are divided by a principle of a filtration:
  • " Bad subjects " - the list of fragments that of the letter - a spam.
  • " Bad URL " - the list of fragments URL in a body of the letter
  • " Bad phrases " - the list of key phrases from a body of the letter-spam
  • " the White list " - the list Not-spam addressees (fragments)
  • "NoAbuseDomain" - the list of domains on which it is not necessary to send a spam-report.
  • " Bad IP " - bad key phrases in service headings (headers)
On a site it is possible to download a collection a spam-sheets (~200 records the version from 11.12.05)

The module extends as shareware (conditionally free) product. Not registered version at a filtration of letters will consider only the first 20 elements in all lists. Registration of the program at present costs 10 WMZ 10 $

The greatest complexity in use of such approach to antispam to struggle is a necessity to conduct lists of a filtration spam, in fact if spam a plenty, it simply bothers, therefore to try and choose this method we give to you :)

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