Mail offers not only services of free mail to visitors, but also and service of creation free mail to owners of sites

Now in Ukraine the Internet sector of economy, and every year quantity of useful services with -not those roughly develops more increasing and more, therefore, the management of Ukraine aspires to supervise all these data links, demanding all providers to establish at itself the special equipment, for monitoring the passed information by foreign persons, therefore all your email messages sent by e-mail, addressees in Ukraine, necessarily pass viewing by supervising system and if in the letter there will be words interesting security service and word-combinations most likely your letter will get on a table to the operative employee who will check up presence in the letter of the "antinational" information :-) Here on it, service of free mail use special a hosting-platform, in which such equipment is not established to guarantee confidentiality of your correspondence though it is necessary to consider that even if at them such equipment are not present, It can stand in a network of email system to which addressee you will write the letter.

Here it is the basic feature of the given email service, however, exciting only inhabitants of Ukraine.
Though there is one more distinctive feature of this free service: it not absolutely simple provider of e-mail, this system allows other owners of sites (web designers) which have no technical opportunities on creation of service of free mail, using platforms to offer the visitors such service absolutely free! Thus even it is possible to earn additionally a little on it!

The basic characteristics are those:

  • a mail box in the size 50 Mb ;
  • letters in the size up to 15 Mb ;
  • support only POP3 for job of mailing programs, as SMTP - a server of your provider;
  • supports up to 3 e-mail addresses on one account;
  • there are notices on arrival of new mail on another e-mail, or ICQ, or a mobile phone;
  • sortings of incoming mail on the basis of rules;
  • there is a built in antivirus;
  • filtrations SPAM' on the basis of heuristic algorithms, and also editing of the "white" and "black" list;
  • email domains for registration of a free mail box:

There are also some paid functions:
  • to use own domain name in email messages;
  • to expand the size of a mail box up to 2 Gb ;
  • to increase the admissible size of the email message up to 100 Mb ;
  • to get access to a SMTP-server for sending messages from mailing programs;
  • to support unlimited quantity e-mail addresses on one account;

If you wish to create a mail box on , registration here:

Adjustment of mailing programs

Adjustment as usually is not complex and standard, enough to specify only key parameters in adjustments of an account:
  • E-mail address - specify yours e-mail which have been received after registration. For example, .
  • User name - specify a login for access to a mail server. As such login use yours e-mail which have been received after registration. For example, if yours e-mail as a login specify .
  • Password - specify the password which has been entered at registration.
  • Incoming mail server (POP3) - specify .
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - specify SMTP a server of yours the Internet-provider.

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