Yahoo, MSN, AOL ignore progress

It is hard to imagine that even in our time of high technology there are places which the progress can not reach. And if coming progress can theoretically reduce possible profit, it tends to be limited.

It's known that most free email services exist on profits from advertising that is shown to users in the email account web interface. That's why the Internet web giants of web industry are not in a hurry to give a free access to mailboxes through the POP3 and SMTP protocols. No doubt they wouldn't want the effectiveness of their advertising to be reduced greatly. Such giants as,, and have many users who are attached to other services of the companies and they are being slow to provide users with such access, just because people got used to use the web interface.

Of course, there are ways to avoid these limits. For example there are some programs which convert web traffic into POP3. However, it is possible to steal mailbox passwords with the help of such programs which reduces a wish to use them. For by there is a possibility to use a special protocol, which is integrated into Outlook Express, and is not available to other email program developers, which also limits the user's freedom to choose an email program. has an access through POP3 and SMTP, but it is available for users to have an access to the Internet only from that provider. That also limits the opportunities of using an email, because there are places without an access to the Internet from

However, they lose a lot, trying to follow the outdated marketing policy that is intended for online advertising, and limiting the user's freedom in his choice. There is another way to monetize visitors, attracting users and keeping them. A company with its email has become this new model. Users have the access to POP3 and SMTP interfaces, which does not limit the user's opportunities to work with the email. Furthermore the service has a great advantage over ordinary email clients like Outlook Express; this is a huge size of the mailbox. All letters are free stored on the server, which allows the user to get the access to his mailbox from each point of the world easily.

AOL, Yahoo, MSN vs. Gmail Plus, only relevant advertising is shown to a user, no bothering banners! This format is becoming more and more likable for email users because a convenient web interface allows you to forget about installing and setting problems of email programs. As a result the email systems we will know in the future will be web interfaces, without actually using any email programs. And most likely, and will use this model later because that method is much more advantageous than outdated ways of using email programs. The protocols POP3 and SMTP are also outdated themselves. For example gives you the opportunity to receive notifications about new emails through a special RSS feed.

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