Free mail a Yandex is a free service of e-mail, giving ample opportunities on job with mail and on creation of homepages.

The company a Yandex. ru ( one of leaders in the Russian market of information services, which except for search and mails offers a huge set of various services (a Yandex-money, a Yandex-card, a Yandex-bar, a Yandex-market, a Yandex-purse, the dictionary a Yandex, a Yandex-advertising, a Yandex-search, a Yandex-game, a Yandex-guru, a Yandex-weather, a email Yandex and others), in many respects corresponding to the current world standards.

Offered domains for mail: and

Here the incomplete list of opportunities a Yandex of mail:
  • the size of a mail box - is unlimited , the user can increase a mail box in the portions on 20 MB in process of use of already available space;
  • the maximal size entering/outcoming letter - 10 MB ;
  • an opportunity of job through a web-interface;
  • support POP3 and SMTP mailing programs; Servers of mail a Yandex:
    • the Server of incoming mail a Yandex ( a pop3-server ): ( ),
    • the Server of outcoming mail a Yandex ( a smtp-server ): ( ).
  • an opportunity to send and accept the files enclosed to the letter (attachment);
  • all mail check the anti-virus program DrWeb ;
  • a directory;
  • the collector of mail from your mail boxes on other servers;
  • filters for sorting the coming correspondence;
  • an answering machine (by means of filters);
  • transfer of letters on other addresses (by means of filters);
  • a recoder of letters;
  • check of Russian and English spelling (spellchecker);
  • an operating mode with the raised safety ( https://) owing to what breaking the Yandex of mail interception of passwords on a way to a server is impossible; To crack mail of a Yandex it is practically impossible, owing to good protection, it is possible to steal only passwords of mail at the owner of the electronic address, that too basically not so simply to make.
  • text-through search on a mail box;
  • Owing to own development - " Spamooborona " is an effective filtration of mass dispatches and a spam; Spamooborona also it is accessible not only to owners of mail boxes on a Yandex, it is possible to check also mail and from other boxes. In more detail about protection against a spam by means of Spamooborona it is possible to esteem here:
  • an opportunity of disconnect of banners for a web-interface of mail.
  • there is a technical support; Mail suggests also FAQ to read through a Yandex which it is possible here:

To register the new email address it is possible absolutely free of charge, it is enough to fill the simple form
  • To create a free mail box on Yandex to mail:

a Yandex-mail: adjustments POP3/SMTP

How correctly to adjust a Yandex mail in outlook, the bat

Adjustment of mail is very simple, therefore everyone can adjust reception of e-mail Yandex in the mailing program easily enough. For this purpose it is enough to register some key parameters. A Yandex mail as well as as many other things cannot work through a proxy, as this restriction of email reports POP3 and SMTP
You can receive and send mail not only through the Web, but also with use of various mailing programs (Outlook or Outlook Express, The Bat!). For this purpose in adjustments (POP3) it is necessary to specify a mail server < >, and in (SMTP) - < > accordingly.

At creation of an account (the button To add) you should fill following fields necessarily:
Your name: < a name >
e-mail the address: (
Type of a server for incoming mail (My incoming mail server is a...): POP3
Server of incoming mail (Incoming mail server):,
Server of outcoming mail (Outgoing mail server):,
Account POP (POP account name): yours a login on a Yandex
The password (Password): yours the password on a Yandex

As to crack mail it is possible only having stolen passwords at the owner of a box do not store your passwords in a readily available place of your computer that Trojan programs could not find out and steal them. In case has forgotten password Yandex of mail, there is a function of restoration of the password, but it is better to save passwords on a piece of paper.

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