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Free mail from the company - one of the advanced email services of a planet

Yahoo! Mail - e-mail from one of giants of foreign search Yahoo! Which has begun the promotion with recent time on the Russian market, for the beginning having seized the bought domain name (it is absolutely normal for the large company to buy up all domains with the name in all domain zones, for example,,,,, and others) Except for free mail offers also popular Yahoo! Messenger, the program for online of dialogue like ICQ.

Registration of mail free also is accessible in several languages so problems with registration of a free mail box do not arise:
  • To register a free mail box on Yahoo! com -

The basic advantages of email service Y!
  • the Mail box in volume 1GB though and is less than at Google Mail, however it is more than at many email services in the Russian segment of a network the Internet
  • Owing to powerful protection against a spam to you mail necessary to you will come only.
  • the Web access to mail from a browser in any point of the ground where is though any Internet.
  • the Protected mode for additional safety SSL.

Here the citation from an official site about advantages of mail Yahoo:
More often services of e-mail render the Internet-providers (ISP) under the scheme demanding of the adjusted client application, for example, Eudora, Outlook, or Netscape Mail.

Web-service Yahoo! Mail - more simple and cheap (free) cross-country-platform the decision, and it can use, being worldwide. Side benefit Yahoo! Mails - are not required to be established new ON. All that is necessary is a browser, for example, Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The systems of e-mail based on architecture the client/server - similar offered America Online and CompuServe - are initially limited by application firm ON. Access to them is not universal, in road - is complicated, and on other continents - is impossible.

Service Yahoo! Mail the web-technology is based on opened. As the client application the standard browser serves, and these programs far advance any firm client components on prevalence.
Generally, it certainly differs from e-mail of the provider, however not strongly differs from other free email services so special advantages at Yahoo like are not present. Even advertising cannot be disconnected, as for example in a Yandex-mail.

Adjustment Yahoo! POP3/SMTP

How to receive mail with Yahoo! Mail through Outlook Epress or The Bat!

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail has disconnected free access to service through POP3 since April, 24th, 2002. And by that it is impossible to disconnect advertising, it is possible to think, that mail at them completely not free as it is necessary to look advertising, that certainly the basic minus of the given email service. Therefore alas, for access through POP3 and SMTP it is necessary to use special programs of foreign developers though certainly in this case it is necessary to be cautious and to use only the checked up programs, differently at you can steal passwords of access to your mail...

One of such programs - YPOPs! which does as though a local mail server on which you adjust your liked mailing program, and already this local mail server itself connecting through HTTPS by means of HTTP the report with servers Yahoo and receives and sends mail. That is the program emulates the Server of incoming mail (Incoming mail server) And the Server of outcoming mail (Outgoing mail server) for that certainly is not always convenient, but gives any decision of problems. Therefore adjustment of your mailing program Outlook Express or TheBat! It is necessary to make according to recommendations of the concrete program of emulation of mail servers Yahoo.

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