Information IT the portal of Ukraine offers the visitors free mail

The information portal about high technologies www. as a is high-technological portal simply should give to the visitors very important and necessary to everyone IT to the expert an opportunity to work with e-mail. And service has turned out very successful in every respect.

  • 50 Mb will arrange a mail box in the size in most cases
  • the email address of a kind
  • the size of the email message cannot exceed 15 Mb ;
  • the report POP3 (Incoming mail server) port 110 is supported
  • support up to 3 e-mail addresses on one account
  • there is a sending of notices on new mail on mail, ICQ, a mobile phone
  • sortings of incoming mail on the basis of rules;
  • anti-virus check of mail
  • heuristic algorithm of an antispam, "white" and "black" lists of addressees;
  • mail is protected Kaspersky's by Antispam

The truth the basic necessary functions fall to a paid part services:
  • own domain name in email messages;
  • a mail box up to 2 Gb ;
  • it is possible to increase the admissible size of the email message up to 100 Mb ;
  • to get access to SMTP to a-server for sending messages from mailing programs;
  • support of unlimited quantity e-mail addresses on one account;

There are no useful functions SMTP of access, gathering of mail and readdressing of incoming documents, that narrows opportunities of application of the given service a little, but at all does not belittle its quality.
In general if you the programmer also live in Ukraine can create to itself here a box:

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