The portal suggests all visitors to get to itself a free mail box

There is already enough for a long time the Ukrainian portal suggests the visitors to get to itself a free mail box, therefore it is possible to tell, what is it one of trailblazers among services of free mail, therefore the portal deserves the certain trust from users.

Certainly it is impossible to tell, what is it advanced email e-mail service among all free email services (free e-mail) however offered parameters among competitors not such and bad:
  • the Mail box in the size of all 15 Mb not the smallest on the Internet, also will quite go for job with mail;
  • the Size entering / the proceeding message (the size of the letter + the sum of the sizes of all attached files), for today, is limited up to 5 Mb .
  • Support of mailing programs Outlook Express, The Bat! and others by means of report POP3; Adjustments:
    • yours e-mail address: Ваше_имя
    • POP3 a server:
    • the Password: your password
  • Is not present support SMTP for sending mail, it is necessary to use SMTP access at the provider of the Internet;
  • It is possible to work with mail by means of PDA or any other device with WAP access;
  • Support of email filters;
  • there Is a powerful system of protection against a spam (SPAM);
  • If to not use a box more 2х months they have the right to remove it.
  • Spelling!
  • WEB the interface for reading mail from any point of the ground

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