Free e-mail from a portal - a server of an average part

As considers any large portal, free mail on their portal is very necessary and important, therefore any portal which " the large portal " applies for a rank, is simply obliged to distribute free mail. And that that the server made " in loading to another " will be not so qualitative, similar nobody disturbs. During our time when the ships plough open spaces of the big theatre and to purchase a hosting and the domain already everyone can practically 3-4 Internet user, and services of free mail fill simply up, could make a mail server and it is better.

Certainly, the majority of parameters of a mail server good:
  • the unlimited size a mail box
  • there is trained the Antispam a system for protection against a spam
  • a convenient and intuitive web the interface in three languages (Russian, a Ukranian language and English)
  • it is possible to create own folders and to adjust rules of sorting of mail
  • a server of entering messages POP3 : , port 110
  • check of mail by an antivirus of Laboratory of Kaspersky

There is no readdressing mail and the collector of mail.
At all thus, there is no support SMTP the report, that presently looks somehow strange... Imagine, now the Internet is in many public places in the West, and we have an opportunity to use various mobile operators for access to a network the Internet. And at what operators often can vary on a regular basis. And here to me it is more borrowed there is nothing, than except for as recustomizing of a mailing program, and to learn it is necessary these smtp a server at the provider, that too demands efforts.

In general, except for this minus quite working server of mail if want, be registered:

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