The free mail server an offering mail box with support POP3 is located in Ukraine

Here at last and on the Ukrainian Internet the market of free email services develops, and it is possible to register to itself a mail box, with the domain in a zone .ua if there are certainly such interested persons :)
This service of free mail certainly cannot compete with foreign the largest the Internet-providers of e-mail, is simple because budgets is separated in some times, therefore by the current moment the best characteristics of mail boxes, however are offered users not and not the most bad, it is possible to tell even, that quite up to the mark (perhaps unless short of absence SMTP).

So what characteristics at created boxes at free creation of a box:
  • e-mail address in domains:
  • a mail box in the size 50 Mb ;
  • sendings, receptions and storages of electronic email messages;
  • each letter cannot exceed 15 Mb ;
  • there Is a support of reception of messages by means of POP3 the report;
  • about 3 e-mail addresses on one account Are supported;
  • there Is even a sending of notices on arrival of new mail on e-mail , ICQ , a mobile phone - that perhaps is not present at very many services of free mail;
  • sortings of incoming mail on the basis of rules;
  • All mail is checked on viruses;
  • filtration SPAM' on the basis of heuristic algorithms;
  • there is a "white" and "black" list of addressees for a filtration;

And if to pass to paid using, become accessible following to function:
  • to connect own domain for email messages;
  • To increase the size of a mail box up to 2 Gb ;
  • To increase the admissible size of the letter up to 100 Mb;
  • to get access to a SMTP-server for sending messages from email clients;
  • To use unlimited quantity e-mail addresses on one account;

It was pleasant to whom, create a mail box on

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