Magic Mail Monitor

This program of check of e-mail allows to look headings of all new letters in your mail boxes not downloading the letter

For today not all users prefer to establish high-grade (and it is natural not free) email clients - programs for job with e-mail - creations, receptions, readings of mail, and also regular check of boxes on presence of new letters. Many users manage simple email clients, like Outlook Express which have no built in functions for convenient check on new mail in a mail box. Besides, already many email services of free mail give very convenient and thought over a web-interfaces to mail boxes, therefore in most cases and the client for job with e-mail is not required to users high-grade POP3 and SMTP .

However the web-interface does not allow convenience to check of mail boxes on presence of new letters - therefore there is a necessity to use various programs of check of mail - which imperceptibly hang in system tree and on a regular basis check a mail box on receipts of fresh mail. And such programs in additives allow to see also headings of letters and to remove unnecessary letters (for example the SPAM) directly on a server to not download the letter entirely on a computer. At reception of the new letter from the program it is possible to start at once and the basic mailing program (for example your liked Outlook Express)

Magic Mail Monitor 3 - the Program of check of mail boxes for operational system Windows which supports job with plural mail boxes by means of POP3 the report and allows to look through and delete email messages far off from a server.
  • To download the program of check of mail Magic Mail Monitor it is possible on a site of the developer:

The program of automatic check of mail Magic Mail Monitor is absolutely free in use, and possesses plural useful functions:
  • Filters of letters
  • the List of friends
  • Support of many languages
  • the Opportunity to download only the first N KB letters for preliminary viewing
  • there Is an opportunity to look through initial headings of the letter
  • Support of codings KOI8 and UTF8
* And many other things!

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