Exchange of direct links

Free exchange of text links (free link exchange) with sites of friendly subjects

We offer web designers a manual exchange of text links, without participation during a mutually advantageous exchange special php scripts automatic (automated) an exchange of links which not always offer favourable conditions. Any program of an exchange of links can entail ban your site in search engines.
We prefer a thematic exchange of links with sites but if you consider, that the exchange of direct links between our sites will be of use for you and will increase weight of a resource (link popularity), be at you sites of subjects like furniture, design, animals, rounds, medicine, the equipment, video, business that an exchange between our sites it is quite possible. If a subject of your site sex or a porno, an exchange of links is improbable.

If you wish to make a direct exchange of links, you can put the link to us, and offer an exchange of links for page the form of addition of the link in our catalogue of sites.
In the catalogue links only on sites of the Russian Federations not breaking the legislation are accepted. Installation of the direct link to our site is an obligatory condition of accommodation of the link in the catalogue. Links are added by a moderator manually, and checked on presence of the return link automatically.

All added links give all the best on page the catalogue of links and are there so long while on a site which the link specifies, there is a return link to our resource. At the arrangement with web designers of other resources (for example an exchange of links for money) is possible a variant of accommodation in the catalogue without the obligatory return link, for this purpose write your offers on an exchange of links on e-mail an e-mail address specified on page of the contact information.

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