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We are glad, that you have visited our site and have familiarized with an information being on him. We allow to unpack this information in the personal purposes and to store it on your personal computer. Nevertheless, we wish to inform on some restrictions of legal character established by us for all visitors of a site, and we ask to observe all stated below a rule.

We cannot guarantee accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information stated on a site. Hence, you cannot trust completely to the data published on the above-named sites, yet do not receive from us the corresponding notice in writing.

The information is presented (without any support and guarantees). We confirm the refusal of any certain and meant guarantees, including all without exception the guarantees connected with purchases, sales or use in definite purposes of any of the services given here and materials.

Under no circumstances does not bear the responsibility for direct, indirect, casual, penal and any other damage in connection with use of the services presented here and materials.

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Pay attention to that the site contains links and references to other sites. We try to publish links only on those sites, which as well as we, are famous for high quality of the information and respect in relation to confidentiality of data. Nevertheless, we cannot be responsible for the maintenance of other sites and to their politician of maintenance of privacy of the information.

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