Koomail email the client

The email client koomail for job with mail, borrows not enough place and quickly works

Now more and more popular there are mailing programs which borrow not enough place, and the data write down all on the same disk from which have been started. It allows to use liked both mobile e-mail and houses, and at job and on a visit, it is enough to write down a mailing program on Flash drive or the portable hard disk, and your mail with all letters will be always with you.

One of such not numerous email clients is Koomail Koomail by the opportunities is the high-grade email client convenient and simple in use. Koomail supports the basic email reports: IMAP , POP3 , APOP (authorization at sending email messages), SMTP , job with mail boxes MSN and Hotmail , job under the safe report SSL , the client can work even as RSS aggregator or RSS feeder! The Built in spam the filter allows to limit quantity of an entering spam. As well as TheBat supports job with a lot of email accounts on different mail servers.

Certainly, as usually happens to good programs, there is a "small" lack - the program paid, and demands for the job of only 29.00 dollars or 22.00 euros. Certainly, as well as to the majority of users The Bat, this lack various hacker groups which suggest to download (crack), help to eliminate a serial (serial) or a medicine of other sort.

Here the basic advantages of the given client before other email clients:
  • Supports virtual folders that allows to classify and sort your email messages easily;
  • Function of the removed job with messages on a server, not loading them on a local computer;
  • the Program can be copied on USB-Disk or any other disk without preliminary installation;
  • the Size of an empty seat on a disk, necessary for job of the program of all 1;
  • Strong support HTML of patterns of letters;
  • Each email account can have completely the adjustments, down to adjustments of network access to a mail server;
  • Support RSS;
  • Creation HTML of the message with the introduced pictures and other elements;
  • ADDITIONAL options of viewing HTML of messages: " to disconnect scripts ", " to use text viewing letters ", etc.;
  • the Schedule for sending letters;
  • Support skins;
And many other things!

To meet a mailing program, to download Koomail it is possible on an official site:

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