JBMail email the client

The mailing program JBMail allows to use mail from a mobile disk from any computer

JBMail it is small and compact safe email e-mail the client. This program has specially been developed idle time, safe and for job with mail on a server, not saving mail on a local computer. JBMail supports POP3 , SMTP , SSL/TLS and all functions habitual and natural to the email client, but it is not simple " other email client ". JBMail for job on USB flash drive, CD or even floppy ideally approaches a diskette! JBMail works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP .

JBMail uses in job safe technological decisions which allow to solve problems which usually cause problems in other mailing programs, however these decisions allow is high-grade to work with mail. For an example, HTML letters are processed in the usual text which cannot put harm to a computer by means of the built in scripts.
  • Complete support SSL/TLS. Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security use decent enciphering which allow at job through POP3 and SMTP connections does not worry about safety. The industrial standard OpenSSL is supported also.
  • Protection against viruses (Virus protection). Multilevel protection against viruses, worms and trojan a various sort. Functions of safety include blocking various files and checks of carried out files.
  • the Filtration of a spam. JBMail includes powerful an antispam (antispam) the protection including white and black lists of blocking, heuristic filters, and plural attributes of definition of a spam on headings of letters;
  • Bearableness. Gets on standard floppy a disk; installation is not required. Does not save mail on a local computer basically - all is stored on a server, nothing is written to the register of system. Email messages can be seen and saved/archived in a format of the usual text for preservation of bearableness in various systems and email clients.
  • Efficiency. Access to mail, based on headings of the letters received through POP3 allows to read and delete mail directly on a server, not downloading the letter. Light-weight software is nimble even on old computers!
  • Support POP3 and SMTP ; MIME , base64 and UUencoded investments; ISO--8859-1 (Latin1) Western European symbols; and set of other standard functions.
  • Only in JBMail: the Opportunity of preservation of plural profiles and flags of messages.

The program paid, costs all $35.00 , however, the trial version of the program never comes to an end and does not get the requirements of registration, for what it many thanks! Restriction of the trial version small: Works only with one profile (mail box) and statuses of letters are saved only in current session, and in the rest the program works as well as the full paid version.

To download JBMail it is possible from an official site:

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